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BLOMINVEST Asset Management has built a strong reputation in the MENA region for providing outstanding services through trust, dedication, and ingenuity.
Our commitment to BLOM’s standard of excellence has taken us to all corners of the region, attracting investors who demand reliable solutions for their investment needs.

Our team of experienced professionals works tirelessly to see your investment grow in a consistent and sustainable manner. We manage Mutual Funds and Discretionary Portfolios, implementing effective strategies that have received countless awards and recognition. Our decisions and strategies are based on rigorous analytics and unrivaled expertise, while placing your needs at the heart of the process.

Our client base includes institutions and individual investors looking for smart investments to grow their capital. As treasured members of the BLOM family, our clients are provided with exceptional customer service and peace of mind, resulting in strong long-term relationships.

Regional Funds

Local Funds


  • What is a Fund?
    A fund is an investment vehicle that invests its capital in securities. Capital from many investors are pooled together...
  • What are the common types of Funds?
    Income funds invest in fixed income instruments such as government or corporate bonds, and generally have a low...
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